Selim "BAM" Ziane Guest

Dommage que cela finisse sans une nouvel edition

Tres bon salon avec de bel chose pour le futur qui malheuresement doit s'arrete une grande perte pr l'esport suisse

16 de mar. de 2018 20:12:54
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Alex "Maxima" Berthold Event partner

Good potential for the future

As, we were one of the partners of the last years´ Geneva Gaming Convention. It was a super pleasure meeting many new Youtubers, Press and make new friends. The FIFA area was definitely the most attractive (in terms of atmosphere), which was directly visible by the public. It was a real shame that the tournaments on PC were not in the foreground and had lots of delays, too. Besides that, the space was just too wide and big, which at some parts made it look a bit empty and people didnt know where to navigate to. Overall though, it was a great experience and a cool event! We hope to see the 2018 edition

13 de mar. de 2018 18:14:56
Event Organisers
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Geneva Gaming Convention