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Upcoming on EBN Podcast #015, our guest is Nick D'Orazio, a graduate of Arizona State University where he studied FIlmmaking. He has since established a career in Entertainment working on television, film, gaming, and much more. He finds himself now as a key opinion leader and journalist in the Esports Industry working as the Director of Corporate Strategy for Inven Global. In this episode, we learn what experiences got him where he is today, how he established himself in the Esports Industry, and what he envisions for the Esports Industry of tomorrow.
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Listen: https://anchor.fm/esportsbusinessnetwork/episodes/EBNP-015---NICK-DORAZIO-INVEN-GLOBAL-elsfph?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook

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6 nov. 2020 à 17:21:54