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CWL Anaheim Open - 2018 Visiteur

Fathers Day at CWL Anaheim

June 17 2018 I took my 17 year old Daughter to CWL Anaheim. It was Fathers day and I wanted to show her what I enjoy doing I have a small YouTube Channel and I also stream on twitch so I wanted to show her a side of me that she has never been to an event and this was my 3rd year in a Row she got to meet a few of my frinds form TK or Team Kailber Like Fooya and Crispy Concords. There not players bit live on the Team house one is a twitch streamer The other youtuber. The event was good scuff gaming and Gfule was there got to drink it for free.she had lots of fun and I am glad I got to share that with her.

28 juin 2018 à 10:06:08
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