About us

gleetz.gg is a start-up founded in London, UK, in 2015, by former pro gamer Marc “vazy" Berthold and Alexandra “Maxima" Berthold.

gleetz.gg is the largest esports database and review platform, allowing you to rate and write reviews for events, companies and teams in the international esports and Gaming world. 
See at a glance what is happening in esports, find teams, companies and events around your location and access the most advanced esports event calendar.

gleetz.gg comes at the perfect time. The video games and esports market is booming and continues to receive more attention- day by day. While the competitions are being followed on a growing basis, the number of esports viewers and esports enthusiasts in the world reached a new high of 292 million in 2016, and this number will continue to rise to 600 million by 2020. As for the number of people aware of esports, their amount is estimated to reach 1.5 billion in 2020. 

Marc Berthold / Alexandra Berthold